Takhleeq Kari- Kawish Magazine Society

Takhleeq Kari- Kawish Magazine Society

Kawish Magazine Society arranged a Mega Event named “Takhleeq Kari”(تخلیق کاری). The core purpose of this event was to gather the content for the publication of Kawish Magazine at the end of this year.

The event consisted of different booths and competitions like:

  1. Writing Competitions comprise poetry writing and story writing (Urdu & English)
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Sketching
  4. Drawing

Interactive activities were also there for entertainment like:

  1. The photography booth consists of a media wall and Punjabi and Sindhi cultural walls. Here students took pictures with their friends to make their day memorable.
  2. 2.       An acting booth was arranged, where students were given different dialogues. Dialogues were given to develop moral values also funny dialogues were there.  
  3. 3.       A poetry booth was arranged, where the student poets of the university could register themselves and they were given the chance to present their poetry on the stage. This was done to enhance their confidence and to advertise Kawish magazine’s work.
  4. Jhugi Taleemi donation booth was arranged to help the organization working for the literacy of students living in Jhugis of Pakistan.
  5. A comic booth was arranged, it was a fun activity for both studentsss to complete the incomplete comics. It was helpful for the magazine to find content.

The chief guest of Takhleeq Kari was Mr. Jahanzaib Akram who was the Ex-editor of Kawish Magazine other adjudicators were Ms Shiza Dilbar Hussain, Mr. Rehan Zayerr, Mr. Hassan Masood, and Mr. Hassan Ifzal.

After the competitions, the winners were awarded certificates and books from Dr. Khubab Shakir and Dr. Muhammad Waqas.

In the end, the convener Kawish Magazine Society Dr Madeha Jabbar presented closing points regarding the event, and all the adjudicators were presented with souvenirs.

Kawish Magazine Society hopes to promote media literacy among students. It provides space for those students who love to write about their interests. It creates a network of extracurricular and industry professionals, scholars, and peers who are interested in magazines and custom content publishing.