Masters Programs

Master of Professional Accounting

Studying the Master of Professional Accounting degree as University of Newcastle Australia’s Pathway Program in National Textile University Faisalabad will give you a broad understanding of Pakistani, Australian and global business environments. The Master of Professional Accounting program is designed for students with a degree in a field other than accounting who wish to obtain a sound introduction to accounting concepts and procedures.  The program will encompass studies in financial and management accounting, finance, taxation, business law and auditing.

Note: Pathway Program office will offer free of cost on-campus assistance of IELTS preparation, study visa assistance and assistance on getting part-time work in Australia to every student registered in the pathway program of the University of Newcastle Australia at NTU Faisalabad.

Semester in Pakistan: 1 (6 months)                                         Semester in Australia: 2 (1 Year)

Program learning outcomes

On successful completion of the program students will have:

  • Communicate accounting information, and effectively engage with, both accountants and non-accountants.
  • Work effectively autonomously to apply specialised knowledge and expert judgement to accounting tasks
  • Work effectively in teams to apply specialised knowledge and expert judgement to accounting tasks
  • Display professional proficiency in the utilization of information and technology in accounting contexts
  • Engage in the critical application of accounting knowledge and skills to solve an accounting problem or case.
  • Apply business skills that incorporate understanding of social, ethical, economic, regulatory and global perspectives.
  • Demonstrate specialised theoretical and practical knowledge and skills relevant to accounting and be proficient in their application
  • Apply relevant theories, principles and methodologies to research in Accounting/business decision making

Scheme of Study 


Contemporary Management and Leadership


1st Semester

Accounting and Financial Management

Principal of Business Management

Organizational Behaviour

Scheme of study to be completed in University of Newcastle (UoN) Australia:

Scheme of Study


As per UoN Australia

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

Those who have attained undergraduate degree (14/16 years) and/or university foundation courses or diploma after HSC, are eligible for Masters pathway program.

Admission Fee:                 AUD 275 (at the time of admission)

Tuition Fee:                        PKR 450,000/semester *


*Instalment plan available

Note: From 2nd semester onward fee will be paid to University of Newcastle in Australia.