Doctoral Programs

PhD Textile Engineering

  • To enhance the intellectual development of PhD scholars through creativity, analytical thinking, critical analysis, and innovative problem-solving.
  • To carry out research of international standard aimed at advancing the global scientific and technological knowledge globally.

  • Ability to systematically review, analyze and interpret the scientific literature and innovations in the areas of engineering in general and in textile engineering in particular.
  • Ability to apply and validate innovations at the lab scale as well as industrial scale efficiently and effectively.
  • Ability to conduct high quality research and to disseminate effectively the research outputs  in international research journals of repute, conferences, seminars, patents, research proposals and other scientific venues.


First Semester

Code Course Title Credit Hours
 TE-7101  Advanced Statistical Methods for Research  3
 TE-7102  Recent Development in textile Engineering  2
 TE-7103  Modern testing and Characterization Methods  2-1-3
 TE-7104  Prototype/Review Paper  1
 Total   9

Second Semester

Code Course Title Credit Hours
 TE-7XXX  Elective – I  3
 TE-7XXX  Elective – II  3
 TE-7XXX  Elective – III  3
 Total  9
 Total Credit Hours of Taught Courses 18

Third and Fourth Semester

Code Course Title Credit Hours
XXXX  Research Thesis  30

List of elective courses

No. Research Areas Electives

  Advanced Materials

Advanced polymeric materials; Nano composites; Biomaterials for healthcare;Advances in shape memory polymers; Nanofibers and nanoparticles; Flame retardant materials; Functional materials for textiles; Microencapsulation technology.

 2  Engineered textile structures & composites

Engineering textiles; Advances in yarn spinning technology; Specialist yarn and fabric structures; 3-D Fibrous assemblies; Advances in weaving and knitting technologies; Nonwovens for technical textiles; Design and manufacture of textile composites; Mechanics of fibrous assemblies; Heat and mass transfer in porous media.

 3  Textile surface modification and chemical treatments  

Advances in dyeing and finishing of technical textiles; Functional finishes for textiles; Smart textile coatings and laminates; Surface modification of textiles; Plasma technologies for textiles; Digital printing of textiles.

 4   Clothing engineering  

Science in clothing comfort; Smart clothes and wearable technology; Advances in apparel production; Clothing biosensory engineering; Clothing appearance & fit; Biomechanical engineering of textile and clothing.

 5  Technical textiles  

Medical and healthcare textiles; Smart fibers, fabrics and clothes; Functional textiles for protection and performance; Textiles in sports; High performance textiles and their applications.

 6  Textile machinery and instrument design  

Instrumentation and control; Applied mechatronics; Mechatronic design in textile engineering; Design of textile machines; Mechanics and calculations of textile machinery

 7  Textile modeling and simulation  

Simulation in textile technology; Modeling and predicting textile behavior; Soft computing in textiles; Finite element analysis in textiles; Modeling, simulation and control of dyeing process; Advance CAD systems for textile and clothing; Modeling in Matlab

 8  Energy, environment and sustainability in textiles  

Sustainable textile production; Recycling in textiles; Environmental impact of textiles; Energy harvesting materials


  • MS Textile Engineering or equivalent with minimum CGPA 3.0/4.0 or 3.5/5.0 in semester system, 60% marks in annual system.
  • Candidate must have PEC registration.
  • The applicant must pass NTU-GAT (Subject) test with minimum 70 marks as per HEC.
  • It is mandatory to pass interview in order to compete on merit.
  • Applicant must not be already registered as a student in any other academic program in Pakistan or abroad.


Admission Criteria

The admission merit list will be prepared according to the following criteria:

 Phd Textile Engineering
 M.Sc/MS/Equivalent  60% weightage
 B.Sc/BE/Equivalent  20% weightage
 Interview result  10% weightage
 Publication/relevant experience  10% weightage (05% + 05%)


Fee Head1st 2nd3rd4th5th6th
Tuition Fee 27000 27000 18000 18000 18000 18000
Admission Fee 20000 - - - - -
Degree Fee - - - - - 5000
Certificate Verification Fee 2000 - - - - -
Processing Fee - 5000 - - - -
University Security 5000 - - - - -
Red Crescent  Donation 100 - - - - -
University Card Fee 300 - - - - -
Library Fee 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Examination Fee 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Medical Fee 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Student Activity Fund - - - - - -
Endowment Fund - - - - - -
Transport Fee* 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
TOTAL 65400 43000 29000 29000 29000 29000

*There is no Transport Fee for Hostel Residents but they will pay Hostel Charges