Seminar on Management and Leadership Skills

Seminar on Management and Leadership Skills

A seminar was held in joint collaboration of society of textile spinners and society of textile weavers on the topic of Management and Leadership skills on 10th January 2022. Guest speaker “Mr. Shahbaz Akbar” presented in this seminar. Mr. Shahbaz Akbar is working as Human Excellence Consultant at Schuitema, Pakistan. He continued in the field of professional training and has worked with many multi-national companies. 

The purpose of this seminar was to raise awareness among the students regarding leadership skills and time management. 

The event covered the following topics 

1) Exploration of our attention, intention and care 

2) Basic concept of leadership , care and growth model. 

3) Application to self and peer leadership. 

Large number of students from weaving and spinning attended this seminar. Different time management activities were performed in the event by worthy Mr. Shahbaz Akbar. The event ended with the vote of Thanks. In the end a shield was presented to the speaker by Dr Talha Ali Hamdani, Coordinator Weaving Section, TE Department.