Nazish Imtiaz

Nazish Imtiaz

Nazish Imtiaz


  •  Address: Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610, Pakistan
  •  Phone: +92-41-9230081-82 Ext:
  •  Fax: +92-41-9230098
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  • No. of Journal Publications: 5
  • No. of Conference Papers: 3

  1. Masters of Philosophy in Leadership and Management sciences
    National Defense University (NDU), Islamabad, Pakistan 

  1. Lecturer
    Lahore Garrison University (2years)
    -        Devising and managing processes, and projects which could include recruitment, advertising campaign and events, and quality assurance.

    -        Convener of Executive Society at Faisalabad Business School.

    -        Liaising with potential students, other institutions, and government departments.

    -        Preparing statistics and handling data such as student numbers and attendance figures.

    -        Handling queries and complaints.

    -        Research and writing reports

    -        Organizing events.

    -        work with academic boards, governing bodies, and task groups.

    -        assist with recruitment, public or alumni relations and marketing activities.

    -        Draft and interpret regulations

    -        communicate with partner institutions, other institutions, external agencies, government departments and prospective students

    -        organize and facilitate a variety of educational or social activities.

    -        Maintain high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures

    -        Admission campaigns in native areas like Chak Jhumra, Jaranwala and Toba Tek Singh.

    -      Internships for students at MTM Pvt. Lt., Sameera Fabrics, Interloop, Stylers, which was converted into permanent job later.



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