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Ayesha Afzal

Ayesha Afzal


  •  Address: Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610, Pakistan
  •  Phone: +92-41-9230081-82 Ext: 246
  •  Fax: +92-41-9230098
  •  Email: ayesha.afzal@ntu.edu.pk
  • No. of Journal Publications: 16
  • No. of Conference Papers: 0

  1. M.Sc. Polymer & Process Engineering
    UET, Lahore, Pakistan  (2016)
  2. B.Sc. Polymer Engineering
    National Textile University, Faisalabad, Pakistan  (2013)



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1 Bachelor Development of multifunctional polymeric composites with attributes of electrical conductivity & flame retardancy
2 Bachelor Design & Fabrication of GFR based Flame Retardant Composite for Replacement of Ply Wood
3 Bachelor Development and fabrication of jute reinforced flame retardant composite
4 Bachelor Development of biodegradable film for food packaging application


5 Bachelor Mechanical and electrical analysis of epoxy/Pani.DBSA composite
6 Bachelor In-situ polymerization of Aniline.DBSA and elstomeric blend
7 Bachelor Effect of flame retardants on mechanical and fracture behavior of composite
8 Bachelor Fabrication and characterization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites incorporated with Fire Retardant Applications

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