Dr. Z.A Raza completes his '50' of research publications

Dr. Z. A. Raza, Associate Professor Chemistry, received his doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry with specialization in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Peshawar (Pakistan). He has research exposure of several national level research centers. He is regarded among the pioneers who have initiated research activities and culture in NTU by establishing chemistry research laboratories there. He originated the application of biotechnology in the conventional and advanced textile processes at NTU. He introduced,at NTU, the research related to antibacterial textiles for medical and environmental applications. He was the first to bring funded research projects in the textile/chemistry domain in this university.

Currently, he is employing novel nano-biotechnology products and processes for applications in antibacterial and medical textiles, and in advanced materials. Dr. Raza has over 50 research publications in his credit with a Cumulative Impact Factor of about 85. He presented his research work in 32 scientific talks at national and international forums. His prime research interests are: nanobiotechnology, antibacterial textiles, biosurfactants, polymer chemistry, textiles chemistry and nanomaterials. He majorly published his multidisciplinary research the well-reputed international journal like Journal of Cleaner Production –Journal of Colloid and Interface Science – Cellulose - Carbohydrate Research – Journal of Industrial Textiles– Journal of Wound Care –Journal of Natural Fibers - Fibers and Polymers–Journalof Microencapsulation – MaterialsResearch Express- Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics–Journal of Hazardous Materials – InternationalBiodeterioration and Biodegradation –Biodegradation– Analyst – Ionics – Applied Physics A - Applied Surface Science – Journalof Alloys and Compounds– BiotechnologyLetters –Journalof Biotechnology – ProcessBiochemistryand so forth.