PhD Chemistry

  • To carry out research of international standard aimed to advancing the global scientific and technological knowledge.
  • To enhance the intellectual development of Ph.D. graduates through creativity, analytical thinking, critical analysis, and innovative problem solving.
  • To equip students with the Chemistry techniques to solve indigenous problems applied in industrial organizations.
  • To strengthen academia-professional-world bonding by tailoring the courses and the trainings offered according to needs of the end-user.

In order to have more in-depth study of research projects of applied nature which are already going on in the existing Textile Engineering faculties of National Textile University.

  • In order to elevate the industry based research in the field of Chemistry.
  • To fill the space of more application oriented Chemists as far as sensitivity and demand of region is concerned.
  • To enhance the teamwork among the Textile Engineers and Scientist of the University and region for producing quality research of international repute.
  • In addition to above social concern, Department has worked out in detail as far as employment perspectives of graduates are concerned.
  • Faisalabad is the Manchester of Pakistan with a large textile industry. The primary objective of PhD Chemistry is to train the manpower required to deal with the problems faced by textile industry through knowledge of Chemical techniques so as to achieve reduced costs, flexibility and high quality.
  • A career in Chemistry is about inducing design oriented solutions for environmental problems of varying range. New application areas are being discovered constantly, with older techniques constantly replaced. All the branches of Chemistry are applicable to varying career options.


  1. The minimum period for completion of Ph.D. program shall be 6 semester. The period shall be counted from the commencement of semester for 18 credit hours course work.
  2. The maximum permissible period for submission Ph.D. thesis will be 10 semesters. After 10 semesters, and the scholar will have to get extension, maximum of two semesters, from the competent authority.


  1. The Ph.D. candidate has to take Ph.D. level course work of minimum 18 credit hours with the consent of his/her supervisor.
  2. The course content shall be proposed by the concerned Faculty Board of Studies, recommended by the Advanced Studies & Research Board (ARSB) and approved by the Academic Council.
  3. All courses may range from one credit hour to four credit hours.
  4. One credit hour stands for at least one hour class contact per week per semester.

First Semester

Code Course Title Credit Hours
 CH-XXXX  Elective Course – I  3
 CH-XXXX  Elective Course – II  3
 CH-XXXX  Elective Course – III  3

Second Semester

Code Course Title Credit Hours
 CH-XXXX  Elective Course – IV  3
 CH-XXXX  Elective Course – V  3
 CH-XXXX  Elective Course – VI  3

Third And Fourth Semester

Code Course Title Credit Hours
 CH-8090  Research Thesis  30

Research Paper Requirement

Before final submission of thsis for evaluation, the Ph.D scholar would have to publish at least one research paperfrom his/her research, as first author, in an Internationally Abstracted Journal, recognized by the HEC, Pakistan. Onlypublished paper are acceptable for award of PhD degree.

Courses List

(This list is not exhaustive and new courses can be added to this category at any time depending upon the availablefacilities/requirements)

S.No. Code Course Title Credit Hours
 1   CH-8001  Advanced Physical Chemistry  3
 2   CH-8002  Inorganic Materials Chemistry  3
 3   CH-8003  Physical Organic Chemistry  3
 4   CH-8004  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Organic Chemistry  3
 5   CH-8005  Advanced Mass Spectrometry  3
 6   CH-8006  Advanced Polymer Chemistry  3
 7   CH-8007  Special Organic Materials  3
 8   CH-8008  Advanced Photochemistry  3
 9   CH-8009  Advanced Photochemistry  3
 10   CH-8010  Chemistry of Advanced Composite Materials  3
 11   CH-8011  Advanced Applied Chemistry  3
 12   CH-8012  Applied Environmental Chemistry  3
 13   CH-8013  Nanochemistry  3
 14  CH-8014  Biophysical Chemistry  3
 15   CH-8015  Advanced Chemical Treatment of Textiles  3
 16   CH-8016  Advances in Textile Finishing and Coating  3
 17  CH-8090  Research Thesis  3

  • MS/ M.Phil Chemistry or equivalent degree with minimum CGPA 3.0/4.0 or 3.5/5.0 in semester system, 60% marks in annual system.
  • Candidate will have to pass NTU GAT (subject) test.
  • It is mandatory to pass interview in order to compete on merit.
  • Applicant must not be already registered as a student in any other academic program in Pakistan or abroad.

Admission Procedure

  1. The Ph.D. program shall be advertised in the beginning of each academic session.
  2. An applicant shall apply on a prescribed form along with two letters of recommendation within due date givenin the advertisement for admission.
  3. The completed application form, along with required documents, shall be submitted in the admission office.
  4. The applications shall be evaluated according to the following criteria for making the merit list.
 Phd Chemistry
 M.Phill/MS Chemistry  50% weightage
 M.Sc/BS Chemistry  30% weightage
 Interview result  10% weightage
 Publication/relevant experience  10% weightage
  • An HEC Scholarship holder will be given preference for admission.
  • The candidate must have the supervisor’s (and co supervisor’s) willingness letter.


Fee Head1st 2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th
Tuition Fee 27000 27000 18000 18000 18000 18000 18000 18000
Admission Fee 20000 - - - - - - -
Degree Fee - - - - - - - 5000
Certificate Verification Fee 2000 - - - - - - -
Processing Fee - 5000 - - - - - -
University Security 5000 - - - - - - -
Red Crescent  Donation 100 - - - - - - -
University Card Fee 300 - - - - - - -
Library Fee 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Examination Fee 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Medical Fee 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Student Activity Fund - - - - - - - -
Endowment Fund - - - - - - - -
Transport Fee* 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
TOTAL 65400 43000 29000 29000 29000 29000 29000 34000

*There is no Transport Fee for Hostel Residents but they will pay Hostel Charges

Option 1: Apply Online for Admission (Click Here)
Option 2:

Click here to Download the ADMISSION FORM.


Get the ADMISSION FORM from the NTU Office of Graduate Studies & Research (by paying Rs. 2000/-, which includes the application processing fee).

Step 1: Fill in the ADMISSION FORM
Step 2: In case you downloaded the ADMISSION FORM from the website, deposit application processing fee of Rs.2000/- in the bank branch mentioned on the downloaded ADMISSION FORM.
 Step 3: 

Attach the following documents with the filled-in ADMISSION FORM:

  1. two recent passport size photographs.
  2. One attested copy each of Matriculation, FSc. or equivalent result cards.
  3. One attested copy of Bachelors Degree or equivalent degree & transcript.
  4. One attested copy of M.Phil./MS Chemistry or equivalent or equivalent degree & transcript.
  5. One attested copy of valid Domicile Certificate.
  6. Attested copy of National Identity Card.
  7. Bank Deposit Receipt of Rs. 2000/- in case you downloaded the ADMISSION FORM from the website. 
  8. Research Publications (if applicable).
  9. NOC from employer (if applicable)
  10. Employment Record.
Step 4:

Submit the filled-in ADMISSION FORM along with all the documents (mentioned in Step 3 above) by hand in NTU Office of Graduate Studies & Research.


Courier the filled-in ADMISSION FORM along with all the documents (mentioned in Step 3 above) at the following address:

Office of Graduate Studies & Research
National Textile University
Sheikhupura Road,
Phone:+92 41-9230081-90, Ext: 257-258
Fax: +92 41-9230098