Society of Textile Knitters

Mission Statement

To educate our Graduates with the require competence of process optimization, research and product development and industrial management in the field of knitting. To aware and train our members and all other students of  Knitting to become a leader, to provide ideal working conditions to them and to take care in their career planning; reward them according to their skill and responsibility and to do  things cooperatively. We encourage each member to contribute and participate in all activities such as research, product development and event management; so that they can participate in the social, moral and economic development of our nation through academics, research and technological innovations.

Vision Statement

          To enhance leadership and decision making qualities among students along with practical knowledge of technology by conducting different activities, seminars and industrial tours. 


First thing is to develop a good relationship between students and our department. Students problems relating study and to develop a relationship between knitting industry and our departments is at 1st priority. To explore the other ideas like foreign study, to pass test like GAT, GRE and other jobs in other national institutes e.g. Army and other technical institutes and organization, Exposure of knitting industry, so that problem of jobs for knitted graduates can be solved. Arrange workshops on socks, gloves, warp knitting, and on flat knitting are also considered because this portion had not discussed in our degree much.

  • To engage maximum students of knitting department in short term projects.
  • To develop a healthy relationship among faculty members and students.
  • To arrange maximum tours for the proper exposure of students to the working atmosphere.
  • To aware students about their career prospects and areas for working.
  • To engage maximum Industrialists or at least unit representatives to the Department directly.
  • To make society acting as a bridge between industry and university.
  • To broaden the mind of students to think of other possibilities other than conventional weaving.
  • To arrange and conduct Project Exhibition by the end of my academic year through Society of Textile Knitters.
  • To arrange a Job Fair for Knitters.
Future Plans
  • To start for the first time in society; Project Exhibition at University campus.
  • To arrange a session among final year and third year students for project details of final year students at the end of running semester.
  • Organization of knitting society
  • Seminar on scope of knitting
  • Formation of knitting directory
  • To start for the first time in society; Working on Job Fair.
  • To arrange a tea party for final year students for a healthy discussion among students and faculty members of department.
  • To structure and organize Information cell for social media and Campus.

To organize an event on CSS for textile students with joint venture of Society of Textile Knitters.

Muhammad Rizwan (0307791751)
Tufail Hassan (03136273212)
Vice President
Syed Zain ul Abideen (03331637477)
General Secretary
7th Semester Activities
1. Workshop on circular knitting machine on 5th week before mid.
2. Seminar on carrier counseling after mid-7th semester in 5th week.
3. ISO Workshop.
4. GRE mock test on January 19,2017.
8th Semester Activities  
1. Workshop on flat knitting machines before mid-3rd week.
2. Seminar on scope of knitting after 3rd week.
3. Interview skills workshop after mid-6th week.
Muhammad Rizwan (0307791751)
Tufail Hassan (03136273212)
Vice President
Syed Zain ul Abideen (03331637477)
General Secretary